Hanahaki Eyeshadow Palette Test Review

With my new makeup brand, Baby Ghoul, releasing it's first palette, I was really nervous on how it would turn out! So I asked a couple of friends if they would do me the honor of testing my new palette and leaving a review! 


Here is my amazing friend Cheekpeas, the lovely eye looks she created with the Hanahaki palette and her honest review of it! 


Cheekpea's thoughts: 

Glitter is soooo fun to use it’s my first time! It’s much better using your fingers to apply because there’s less fallout and I made the mistake of using a brush when I started. 

The shades are very buildable and blendable!! tbh it was so easy to blend using Valentine as a transition shade I was so shocked

I layered Longing and XOXO for a frostier pink! I think Passion and XOXO actually look similar on my skin so I just layered xoxo with longing so it stood out more

I also used Valentine as a blush and it was super cute!!

I think Heartbreak(black) is a bit sheer for a black but it’s good for beginners bc it blends very easily and can be built up! It rly depends on what look you're going for because I think it might take a bit of work to get a smokey eye with the black.

I tried using all the shades except for Infatuation and Desire! I also used the eyeshadows as highlighter!

And an alternative look that she did: 

Thank you so much Cheekpeas for testing my Hanahaki palette you look amazing here! 

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